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My Wamama Kahawa experience

January 17, 2013

‘You have to be punished.’ said the African lady. While looking at my yellow fever card, fear struck as I realized that the date for my vaccine to take effect was three days after my date of arrival.

As calmly as I could, I told her I was a student and was here on an internship. Immediately, she broke into a friendly smile and handed back the card to me. Phew.. that was daunting, but that smile left an impression on me and the excitement of arriving in Dar Es Salaam prevailed!

Wamama Kahawa had arranged for a driver to pick me up and I was soon warmly welcomed by the Wamama family. Tucked in the small street along Africana, the café was a cosy area. I was fortunate to have a fellow Singaporean, Huiwen, interning with me and she introduced me to everyone. Sarah and Sifa were so helpful, motherly, and funny that it was not difficult to settle in and feel at home. I was really eager to have my hands on the famous hand roasted Tanzanian coffee that I have read about online.

Dark roasted, i had the pleasure of tasting my first cup of coffee. The house brew gave off a strong fragrant aroma that if i could, i would have the beans as snack all day! I noticed that although Wamama prides itself for its hand roasted Tanzanian coffee, it seems like our smoothies are a hit too, especially the Mango Banana.

Since I have arrived, it has only been a week but I have fallen in love with this country. I can even see myself living here for a long term! Of course, Huiwen and i being two Chinese Asian young women walking along Africana, it is not surprising to receive many comments and stares from people. Learning the Swahili language is a must to immerse in the environment and i am certainly looking forward to brewing more coffee and organizing more community events in Wamama.

Keep your eyes peeled on our blog for our updates!


#2 intern of Wamama Kahawa Coffee Roasters

First encounter
Disclaimer: coffee is made by Intern on intern’s first day, not fully representative of Wamama Kahawa’s beautifully prepared cappucinos

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