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Integrating with the community

January 27, 2013

Last Sunday, we visited Kariakoo market to do some grocery shopping for our cafe. We usually stock up for the week on Sundays or Mondays. It involves buying pineapples, mangos, bananas, avocados, tomatos, onions, limes, peaches and any other miscellaneous items that we would need.  It was an exuberant and vibrant scene, and it was surprisingly similar to the ones in India. The fruits were all beautifully laid out in the sun and they were so colourful that we regretted not bringing a camera! We’ve heard far too many pick-pocketing stories.

With the basket of items checked off our list, we realized how heavy the items were for all of us to carry. We had to flag a cab to transport these items and it was heartwarming to see how united the WK family is. Sarah, the supervisor who has been working at WK since it opened, kindly invited us to her house to chill. It was a cosy affair and we had the opportunity to play with her kids and cook chepati in her home. While it was small, it was certainly a house filled with laughter, chats and children.

Talking about locality, Wamama Kahawa is very much involved in social issues. Being a social business that provides job opportunities to unemployed Tanzanian women through fair-wage and skills training in the simple but sophisticated art of hand-roasting coffee, Wamama Kahawa participates in and promotes community events in our neighbourhood in Dar Es Salaam.

Wamama Kahawa works closely with many nonprofit organisations and supports them in various ways. For example, at the coffeeshop, WK helps to sell items made by Fair Trade Friends  (FTF) & Nuru Centre. FTF’s  Mama Masai is an income generation project supporting over two hundred Masai women in villages throughout Simanjiro district, Nuru Centre works with physically disabled men and women to create a range of crafts, largely including paper bead jewelry items. It currently has 9 fully employed artists and its goal is to become a self-sustaining business.

At Wamama Kahawa, we also enjoy sharing stories and updates with the little community that we have built. Whether it is someone looking to rent out a home, volunteer at an NGO, sponsor a kid etc., we will be able to post the news on our dashboard. Just approach the staff or send us an email at wamamakahawa at gmail dot com 🙂

WK community
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