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Peace in my heart : A visit to the Nuru Centre

February 16, 2013
bibi veronica & sabina Nuru Centre paper beads 2
Somehow when we walked into the Nuru Centre  open field, there was a certain stillness in the air and it felt like the world had stopped and apart from the birds chipping,  all was quiet and peaceful. The presbyterian church rested neatly on the top of the hill as if god was opening his arms to us.
A gentleman led us into the Centre and to our surprise, Bibi Veronica and Sabina was already catching up with each other. It has been more than 2 years since they last saw each other and it is really great and timely that Wamama Kahawa could bring them back together again.
We were scheduled to discuss about our upcoming paper bead jewellery workshop on the 23 February and at the meeting, we were surrounded by all the artists at Nuru Center. It was nice walking into their studio and watching them work on their crafts. As there were many details that we needed to finalize, we went straight into discussion. Bibi Veronica and Sabina was very efficient and cooperative that we all felt it was really fruitful!
Sabina then led us to view the whole collection of the Nuru Center products. It was amazing! I really liked the paper bead jewellery and the greeting cards. Each greeting card is customized and hand made that you will not find two of each kind. The best part was that the materials used were different; some from tin, some from fabric, some from mosaic, some from grass. It is a collage of everything organic! and thats the beauty of their handicrafts.
So how is Wamama Kahawa helping the Nuru Center out? 
Nuru Center at Dar es Salaam employs physically disabled individuals to create a range of craft and has a goal of becoming a self-sustaining business. It currently employs 9 women and men with full time work.
Wamama Kahawa is happy to support Nuru Center in whatever way we can. We are organising two workshops on 23rd February, Saturday together with Bibi Veronica and Nuru Center.
We will be holding two paper bead jewellery workshop together with Bibi Veronica and the Nuru Centre and all proceeds from the workshop will go to the Nuru Center.
WORKSHOP 1 : 10:30 – 12:30
WORKSHOP 2 : 14:00 – 16:00

Participants will have a session of making their very own paper bead work, to not only learn this beautiful craft that is eco-friendly, organic and original, but to also have a feel of the hard work these women have to go through to make these handicrafts!

Bibi Veronica and Nuru Centre would also be selling their products on that day, so even if you think that you wouldn’t be able to sit through a whole workshop, pop by to show your support for these incredible ladies!

To sign up, visit Wamama Kahawa cafe or contact 0787 796 616 today!


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