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A wise man once said, “Wake up and smell the coffee.”

March 18, 2013
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Coffee roasting is an art – You have to try your hand at it to know it. Here at WK, we always have the opportunity to get our hands dirty and try everything there is to the business. Right from hand-roasting our own batch of coffee beans, to sorting them, and finally weighing and bagging them to be sold.

One must be patient and very attentive to be able to roast good coffee. Our ears have to be really sharp to be able to detect the crackling of the coffee beans. Also, not only must the fire temperature and the timing be right, the sorting is also done carefully, thoroughly and thoughtfully. I also learnt “pepeta-ing”, the African way of sorting food and it is the traditional way of getting rid of chaff. At WK, we term it our “Pepeta Party”!

Freshly roasted coffee beans waiting to be sorted

Freshly roasted coffee beans waiting to be sorted

The sorting part is the hardest because it is a mundane and tediously long process. We had to ensure that the beans were consistently and nicely shaped because our customers deserve the best! During my ‘training’ sessions, I had the company of Mama Abdu, one of Wamama Kahawa’s coffee roasters and Meshack, our coffee roasting manager. Meshack, along with Doug, Wamama Kahawa’s co-founder, have been training Mama Abdu and giving her pointers to improve. Mama Abdu and I communicated through sign language, a little bit of English and Swahili and believe it or not.. through coffee! We had to observe the coffee beans together and I always enjoy talking to Mama Abdu because I can practice and learn to speak Swahili.

Well.. sorting the beans is not the end of it and the last step of roasting is packaging and bagging the beans. This is my favourite part because I always feel satisfied when the beans go into the pretty bags and the final product is sealed and ready for sale.The aroma of our beans is so delicious and I think I have become addicted to it.. I love it!


After multiple roasting sessions with the Wamama Kahawa roasting team, I have really learnt to appreciate this artisan affair WAY WAY more! It really has to be done with lots of love, patience and skill.

In fact, one of my favorite experiences in Tanzania so far is to sit in the open field with the wind rustling, sorting freshly roasted coffee beans, with Mama Abdu singing her favorite local tunes in the background.. In those moments, I feel blessed to be here…

In case you may be wondering what kind of products and services WK has:

Bagged coffee:

Our 250g and 500g coffee beans are attractively packaged in a black and clear resealable bag, so u can always see the size and roast quality of the beans you are purchasing. The bags are handy for storage and can even be re-used for your next purchase of beans (a Tsh 500 discount will be given!). Also great as gifts for any occasion!


Monthly subscription supply:

If your family or colleagues are coffee junkies and you go through at least 500g of coffee a month, get a subscription supply of Wamama Kahawa every month so you’ll never be caught with your coffee jar empty. Check out our great prices for subscription supply to your home or office.

Bulk orders:

If you can’t decide what to get people for Christmas or to give as authentic Tanzanian souvenirs to your friends and family back home, give them a bag of Wamama Kahawa! We give discounts for bulk orders of 24 bags (any size) and above.

Coffee catering:

Or why not try out our coffee catering services for an event, party or special occasion. We provide coffee, disposable cups and all other accompanying condiments. We also take special requests (How special? Try us!).

For further enquiries, wholesale or distributorship, please drop us an email at

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