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Wake up and smell the (benefits of freshly brewed) coffee!

March 17, 2014

Earlier, we had shared how easy and cheap it is to brew your own coffee at home. Now, let us tell you why!


Any healthy stuff in coffee can only be found in freshly brewed coffee. Processed/instant coffee contains none of the antioxidants which have shown to be beneficial in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, diabetes and stroke. Also, the oft’ complained about calories really come from the added trimmings, so if you brew your own coffee, it is less likely that you will consume as much milk and sugar etc with it, as opposed to if you ordered a fancy coffee outside.


The methods we’d talked about are so quick and easy. Washing up may be a bit of a pain, but in the case of the French press and the Italian cafetiere, it is hardly more complicated than washing a cup! And it is a small price to pay to enjoy freshly brewed coffee at home or in the office.


A 500g (1.1lb) bag of ground coffee or coffee beans can make around 40-45 cups of coffee. That’s $0.25 – $0.50 per cup (assuming your coffee costs between $10-$20. If less, even better!). There is the initial investment of purchasing the relevant appliances, but as you can see above, the cost is really minimal.


We should add that a great alternative to brewing your own coffee at home is available if you are in Dar  es Salaam, Tanzania: At Wamama Kahawa, enjoy a filter coffee for only Tsh 2,500 ($1.50) or a french press coffee at only Tsh 3,000 ($1.80) while you relax with the morning paper to the sounds of light jazz. Add on breakfast options such as french toast, scrambled eggs and bacon on toast or granola with yoghurt and fruit, and you’ve got yourself a perfect start to any day. Karibuni!

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