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About us

Wamama Kahawa Coffee Roasters was established in 2010 in Dar es Salaam as a micro-roastery and social enterprise.

Our work with Tanzanian women

Our coffee is hand-roasted in small batches by Tanzanian women whom we have trained, in line with our mission to develop and empower unskilled Tanzanian women economically and in doing so increase their financial independence as well as confidence and dignity.

Our work with Tanzanian coffee

Coffee is Tanzania’s second largest export, yet only a fraction of it is consumed locally, and only a tiny percentage of what is exported is actually sold and marketed as Tanzanian coffee. We seek to promote the recognition and consumption of Tanzanian coffee, especially within Tanzania itself, with the vision that in time Tanzanian coffee will be appreciated internationally.

Our House Blend is sourced from small-scale growers in the Kilimanjaro region and is freshly hand-roasted daily using our signature dark roast. At Wamama Kahawa coffee lovers are assured the freshest coffee, hand-roasted with passion and care.

The Wamama Kahawa Specialty Coffee range seeks to promote and support coffee growers who are contributing to environmental sustainability and giving back to their local community. We also seek to support and encourage responsible growing and harvesting of coffee, so as to improve the quality of coffee in Tanzania on the whole. The coffee in our Specialty range is carefully selected by us and meets our criteria for ethical standards as well as quality.

Our work with the community

As a social enterprise, Wamama Kahawa is committed to the community. We are invested in our human capital through continuous training and renewing of skills of our roasters and employees, as well as through education and mentoring. In addition, we are committed to organising or participating in educational and/or fundraising events for the community at least twice a year. Our coffee-shop is always open for meetings, workshops and has even become a second office for a few of our regulars!


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